Metrics Licensing

The metric subsystem requires an Altair Accelerator license called "metrics". A single token enables all capabilities described in this section as well as the following section.

You can verify you have the "metrics" license with rlmstat:
% rlmstat -available | grep metrics
     metrics v2015.04 available: 7
You can enable metrics in the current project with vovmetric enable and then verify that you got the license with vovshow -licensepool.
% vovmetric enable 
% vovshow -licensepool
  # STATUS   FEATURE            Q      AGE MSG
  1 OK       seat_ft_l          7    3m48s
  2 OK       metrics            1   12m58s

In addition, you need to choose which metrics you want to enable using the parameter metrics.enable. This parameter is a bit mask with the following bits: 0x1=enable_server_metrics 0x2=enable_design_metrics 0x4=enable_fairshare_metrics. To activate all metrics, use the value 0x7.