Troubleshooting the Server

If the server does not start, take the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have a valid RLM license:
    % rlmstat -a
    % rlmstat -avail
  2. Check if the server for your project is already running on the same machine.
    Note: Do not start a VOV project server more than once.
    For example:
    % vovproject enable project
    % vsi
  3. Check if the server is trying to use a port number that is already used by another vovserver or another application. VOV computes the port number in the range [6200,6455] by hashing the project name. If necessary, select another project name, or change host, or use the variable VOV_PORT_NUMBER to specify an known unused port number. The best place to set this variable is in the setup.tcl file for the project.
  4. Check if the server is trying to use an inactive port number that cannot be bound. This can happen when an application or the server terminates without closing all its sockets.
  5. When a port is not available, the server will exit with a message similar to the following:
    ...more output from vovserver...
    vs52 Nov 02 17:34:55          0                3      /home/john/vov
    vs52 Nov 02 17:34:55 Adding licadm@venus to notification manager
    vs52 Nov 02 17:34:55 Socket address 6437 (net=6437)
    vs52 ERROR Nov 02 17:34:55 Binding TCP socket: retrying 3
    vs52 Nov 02 17:34:55 Forcing reuse...
    vs52 ERROR Nov 02 17:34:58 Binding TCP socket: retrying 2
    vs52 Nov 02 17:34:58 Forcing reuse...
    vs52 ERROR Nov 02 17:35:01 Binding TCP socket: retrying 1
    vs52 Nov 02 17:35:01 Forcing reuse...
    vs52 ERROR Nov 02 17:35:04 Binding TCP socket: retrying 0
    vs52 Nov 02 17:35:04 Forcing reuse...
    vs52 ERROR Nov 02 17:35:04 
    PROBLEM:  The TCP/IP port with address   6437   is already being used.
            - A VovServer is already running   (please check)
            - The old server is dead but some
              of its old clients are still alive  (common)
            - Another application is using the
              address  (unlikely)
    ACTION: Do you want to force the reuse of
            the address?
    In this case, do the following:
    1. List all VOV processes that may be running on the server host and that may still be using the port. For example, you can use:
      % /usr/ucb/ps auxww | grep vov
      john   3732  0.2  1.5 2340 1876 pts/13   S 17:36:18  0:00 vovproxy -p acprose -f - -b
      john   3727  0.1  2.2 4816 2752 pts/13   S 17:36:16  0:01 vovsh -t /rtda/VOV/5.4.7/sun5/tcl/vtcl/vovresourced.tcl -p acprose
    2. Wait for the process to die on its own, or kill the process with the command vovkill. For example:
      % vovkill pid
    3. Restart the server.
If there is trouble connecting to the vovserver, check the canonical name of the server working directory. For information, refer to Server Working Directory.