Change the exclude.tcl File

The exclude file is used by the tools and not by the server; when an exclude file is changed, no immediate action will occur. The files that are excluded will remain in the trace if the files are already present. However, as tools are executed, the dependencies with the excluded files will be dropped.

In the following example, all dependencies with files in the directory /home/tools/bin are being excluded from the trace.
  1. Add to the exclude.tcl file the line:
    vtk_exclude_rule -prefix /home/tools/bin
  2. Create a set of all the files to be excluded that are already in the trace:
    % vovset create Tmp:exclude "isfile name~^/home/tools/bin"
  3. Forget all those files:
    % vovforget -elem Tmp:exclude
  4. Forget the temporary set:
    % vovset forget Tmp:exclude