vtk_graph canvasPath cmd ...

This procedure is the interface to the widget that implements the GUI graph. It is not 
meant to be used by the casual user. The first argument is the Tk path to a canvas widget,
while cmd is one of: 
config -progresslabel <labelpath>
config -mode <grid> <list> <jobs> <graph> 
config -update <flag>               -- Enable/disable asynch update. 
config -showFlags [<flag>]          -- Enable/disable colorizing of flags. 
config -id [<setId>]                -- Set the id of the set to draw. 
config -incrementalRegion 
x0 y0 x1 y1                         -- Set the region to draw incremental nodes 
config -redrawLimit {nodeCount}     -- If node count is below this, do a full redraw when new nodes are added 
doplacement -graph                  -- Do graph placement 
doplacement -geo                    -- Do geo placement 
doplacement -any                    -- Do geo placement if it is {available;} otherwise graph 
doplacement -grid                   -- Do grid placement 
geo save                            -- Save current placement 
geo get ID setgeo ID X Y W H 
draw  <setId> <fitFlag> 
redraw                              -- Redraw without recomputing the draw parameters. 
initialize <width> <height>         -- Set some parameter for drawing. 
expand <nodeId> <neighborsTooFlag> 
autofit                             -- Request a delayed autofit 
hide <filename> [off]               -- Hide/Restore(==off) the nodes with similar name. 
info widget                         -- Get info about the widget. 
info id                             -- Current set ID. 
info iteminfo                       -- For the given item, get the associated short information, which is the command line 
                                       for jobs and the name for files. 
info status                         -- Return valid or invalid 
info stopped                        -- Return if drawing was stopped ( 1, 0 ) 
info graphmode                      -- Return the current graph mode (list, grid, graph, jobs) 
info selection                      -- Get the list of the id of the nodes currently selected. 
info selectionbyitem                -- Get the list of the itemid of the nodes currently selected. 
info drawnarea                      -- Obsolete. 
info id2item                        -- Get the main item for the given id info 
id2items                            -- Get all items for the given id 
info item2id info item2label info item2status -- Unused. 
info stats 
info statistics 
info isempty                        -- Return 1 if no set has never been drawn, 0 otherwise. 
info item2ptr                       -- debug purpose: it's for the gui developer, not for the user. 
info gcsize                         -- Get the number of objects drawn in the graphic context notify -- Obsolete. 
navigate  <forward|backward> 
lowernode  <nodeId> 
raisenode  <nodeId> 
removenode  <nodeId> 
stop                                -- Interrupt drawing of current graph. 
nostop                              -- reset stop drawing of current graph.
zoom <scaleFactor> 
scale x y zoomFactorX zoomFactorY   -- Update widget scaling factors 
select all                          -- Select all the items on the canvas 
select clear                        -- Unselect all the items on the canvas 
select invert                       -- Invert the selection on the canvas 
select <itemId> 
select <itemId> <flag> 
highlight <itemId>                  -- Get info about the highlighting status of the node. 
highlight <itemId> <flag>           -- Enable/disable highlighting of the node. 
setview <viewname>                  -- Set graph view by name.