Machine Load Monitoring

The Machine Load page provides historical reporting capability for viewing the utilization of the machines being monitored over a specified time period.

The plots shown on this page display the CPU capacity (number of processors or cores) and the 1, 5, and 15-minute load averages for the machine.

Figure 1. Machine Load Page: Host Information
To adjust machine load plots, you adjust the following parameters:
Time Range
The machine selected time period.
Select Waves
These are flow waves for 1, 5, 15 minutes or capacity for that machine load.
The size of the graph – the options are huge, large, normal and small.
The maximum value along the y access, which is the maximum machine load displayed.
The number of columns to displayed.
Sort By
You can sort by Host, Peak Load, Average Load, Capacity or Jobs
NA - This not currently a working option.
Host List
The current host, the database host, or the aggregation grouped the data together (aggregated is not currently a working option).

The calendar-based report period selector on the left hand side of the page can be used to specify how far back in history to look at for the load metrics.