CodeMeter Log File


add_CODEMETER_LOG </path/to/log> -tag <TAG> [OPTIONS]


</path/to/log> The first argument must be a path to an CodeMeterâ„¢ log file. For a rotating log, the name specified must be in the form of <fileName>.@LATEST@.log. See Debug Log Monitoring for more details.
-tag <TAG> Specify the TAG to identify the license server. The TAG may contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores (_). The use of upper case characters is recommended for style purposes.
-tz, -timezone Set to timezone which was used to generate the debug log. Ex: PST8PDT. If debug log was generated in the same timezone as the Monitor server, leave blank.
-minPeriod <TIMESPEC> Minimum sampling period.
-maxPeriod <TIMESPEC> Maximum sampling period.
-autokill <TIMESPEC> Kill parsing job after specified time.