License Management Overview

The Monitor ControlCenter performs license server management tasks such as:
  • Starting and stopping license daemons
  • Rereading license files
  • Version tracking of licenses and options files
  • License files can be fetched from a license server, edited within the web interface, then published back to the license server
  • New license files can be uploaded and distributed to remote license manager directories
  • New license server directories can be created from scratch

ControlCenter requires an agent program to run on each license server host to be managed. The agent is responsible for running supported administration commands, such as starting and stopping a license daemon, as well as transmitting files to and from the server.

Server-side storage and configuration management of the files is handled via the lightweight CVS revision control system. For UNIX platforms, please make sure the CVS program is installed and located in the path variable in the Monitor environment. For Windows, CVS is bundled with Monitor.

The ControlCenter functionality is accessible via the ControlCenter link in the web interface.