Updated Data from License Servers is not being Received

  • The vovlmd daemon must be running to schedule the jobs. Check it via the Admin > Daemons page.
  • Check that the parser slave is running via the Tasker page.
  • Check that the load average on the system is not too high.
    • The default parser tasker has four job slots and a maxload of 10.0.
    • If the load average is too high, the parser will halt the execution of new jobs until the load average drops below the maxload value.
    • Try to prevent other CPU-intensive processes from running on the same machine.
  • Check the output of the most recent parsing job.
    • Go to the Current tab and select the Raw Data tab.
    • Or, go to the licmon.swd/vovlmd directory to see if the status command is having problems executing.