Control Center

The Control Center tab is only available to administrators. It requires an agent program to run on each license server host to be managed. The agent is responsible for running supported administration commands, such as starting and stopping a license daemon, and transmitting files to the server.

License files can be fetched from a license server, edited within the web interface and then published back to the license server. New license files can be uploaded and distributed to remote license manager directories. New license server directories can also be created from scratch.

The Control Center tab has four different options for making these adjustments:
Server Overview
This shows a list of the license server tags that have been configured for license management tasks. This enables you to start, stop and reread agents.
Server & File Control
This enables you to configure license management, work with licensing files, and control license servers. Only the Monitor owner-user has permission to add additional managers.
Agent Status
This shows the running remote agents, which are required for management tasks and provides more details on the connected agents.
This enables you to setup the Control Center for use. Use this page when new license servers are added or to create a new license server from scratch.

Figure 1.