Start Monitor

  1. Open a CLI. Enable a shell with Altair Accelerator software.
  2. Enter the path of installation, for example:
    c:\vov\2019.01 > cd win64\bat
    c:\vov\2019.01\win64\bat > vovinit.bat
    You will get output that looks like the following:
    vovinit.bat: VOV has been initialized
    Vovinit: Checking for C:VOVDIR=C:/vov/2019.01/win64/local/vovinit.bat
  3. Start Monitor by entering:
    c:\vov\2019.01\win64\bat > lmmgr start
    The default ports are web port 5555, port 5557 (vovserver) and roport 5556 (read only).
  4. To change the ports, enter a new port number, for example:
    c:\vov\2019.01\win64\bat > lmmgr start -webport 5566 -port 5567 -roport 5568
    This procedure is complete. You can now move onto Set Up Monitor.