Standalone Configuration for Parsing Debug Logs (Web Based)

To set up Monitor for standalone configurations, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Admin tab and select Monitors.

    Figure 1. Standalone Configuration

    Enter the full path to the status command, if needed

  2. Select the Monitor Type.
  3. Specify a unique tag name.
  4. Enter the license file location.
  5. Enter the full path to the status command, if needed.
  6. Enter path to debug log (use the @DATE@.nameoflog) note that for either key word to work the date must be in the format yyyyMMDD.
  7. Enter the Time zone, if different from that of the Monitor server.
  8. Optional: From Options, you can click If parsing a debug log, load checkouts in additional to denials. Click this ONLY if you don’t have live sampling. We don’t recommend this.
  9. Select periods. Default periods can be changed, but we recommend you keep the defaults.
  10. Click Add New Monitor.