All Altair Accelerator software products are based on a client/server architecture and have three main components: a server, daemons and taskers.

vovserver Definition

The server component of Monitor architecture is called the vovserver, and it provides the Monitor server functionality by running a VOV project named licmon. The server makes use of a Server Working Directory (SWD) to store its configuration, state and output files. The server component is licensed.

Daemons Used

In addition to the server, Monitor primarily employs five daemons. They perform the following functions:
  • vovlmd: This daemon creates data collection jobs that are managed by the job scheduler based on the configuration entered by the administrator.
  • vovnotifyd: This daemon runs system health checks and e-mails the administrator, and in certain cases, notifies users who trigger events and provides notification of events to users.
  • vovdbd: This daemon is responsible for monitoring Altair Accelerator product data files for changes and loading them into the database.
  • vovnginxd: This daemon is responsible for handling secure client connections and forwarding traffic to the vovserver. In Monitor, this daemon is on by default.
  • vovresourced: This daemon is the main agent that defines the resources of the vovserver. The configuration file is resources.tcl.

Taskers Used

Taskers execute jobs for the Monitor job scheduler. To minimize latency issues, the workload is distributed among multiple vovtaskers. There are two types of taskers:
  • Periodic Jobs: These are scheduled tasker jobs that are responsible for automating tasks. These jobs can be configured to run at a specific interval and/or a certain day/time, similar to UNIX cron.
  • Agents: These taskers are agents that add functionality to Monitor, including the license server management facility, license file management, editing, and version tracking and monitoring of license server hosts and host processes.
By default, Monitor launches the following taskers on the primary host:
  • Batch reporter: This tasker is responsible for completing any background reporting tasks.
  • Log parser: This tasker reads debug logs from license daemons.
  • Maintainer: This tasker completes various tasks as assigned by the vovserver.
  • Parser: This tasker runs the status on defined license daemons and collects feature, expiration, capacity, checkouts and denial information. Additional parser taskers can be added on a remote host to increase the scalability of the implementation.