Alerts for a License Server being Monitored are Intermittently Thrown

Status command failures are common, due to network connectivity glitches, bugs in the license server status command, or other external influences. Since Monitor keeps the most recent parsing job output only by default, this log cannot be used to track down the root cause of intermittent failures. But there is an advanced debug feature available to keep an archive of all parsing.

To enable this feature, go to the Admin tab and select the Daemons option.

Figure 1. vovtriggerd
Activate the vovtriggerd daemon. This daemon will copy (and on UNIX, compress) each parsing job log if the job fails. The copies are stored in the licmon.swd/logs/parser directory.
Note: Only use this feature when needed, since it can consume 2-3 times the disk space required for normal operation.