Zebu Setup

  1. To activate Zebu, you need to edit the file hero.swd/hero/config_zebu.tcl which is typically created by hero_zebu_setup.
    % ves HERO
    % hero_zebu_setup
    hero_setup: Good: .../hero.swd/./hero already exists
    hero_setup: Good: .../hero.swd/./hero/wrappers already exists
    hero_setup: Good: ..../local/vncConfig/hero.tcl already exists
    hero_setup: Enable metrics for hero
    hero_zebu_setup: Creating resource Limit:zebu_load
    % cd `vovserverdir -p hero`
    % vi config_zebu.tcl 
    # Example for config_zebu.tcl 
    # Added by hero_zebu_setup
    # Please replace PATH_TO_ZSE by the path to the emulator configuration
    # (which is a TCL script) and then uncomment the following line (the hosts
    # names zbrt* are ficticious and should be replaced by actual host names):
    # If you add more than one emulator, ensure that a different port is used.
    set ZSEDIR /location/of/the/synopsys/zebu/config/files
    HeroZebu::DeclareEmulator -name ZZZ -zse PATH_TO_ZSE -host nameOfHost -port 28001 -rthosts { zbrt1 zbrt2 }
    # HeroZebu::DeclareEmulator -name zbe_10  -zse $ZSEDIR/zse_5s.tcl -host localhost -port 28001 -rthosts { zbrt11 zbrt12  }
    # HeroZebu::DeclareEmulator -name zbe_11  -zse $ZSEDIR/zse_5s.tcl -host localhost -port 28002 -rthosts { zbrt21 zbrt22 }
    # HeroZebu::DeclareEmulator -name zbem01  -zse $ZSEDIR/zse_mu.tcl -host localhost -port 28003 -rthosts { zbrt31 zbrt32 zbrt33 zbrt34 }

    Each emulator must specify a different port. The port is used by the Hero wrapper for that emulator.

  2. Make sure that your hero.swd/taskers.tcl file contains these lines, which are necessary to declare all taskers required by the Zebu emulators:
    # Add these lines to your taskers.tcl fie
    ves ZEBU
    source $env(VOV_HERO_DIR)/zebu/hero_zebu_lib.tcl
  3. Start the wrappers and the taskers with:
    % ves ZEBU
    % hero_zebu_start_wrappers
    % vovtaskermgr start 
  4. Verify that the taskers and wrappers are running with
    % vovtaskermgr show
  5. To test the wrapper, replace "zebuHost" with the appropriate name for your host and try one or more of these commands:
    % hero_api zebuHost 28001 status
    % hero_api zebuHost 28001 metrics
    % hero_api zebuHost 28001 capabilities