Hero as Accelerator

Hero is not Accelerator, but it can be used as if it was. If you are used to the Accelerator command line, you will find it convenient that you can use the same command line also for Hero. Just make sure that you have run "hero_setup" and that your environment variable NC_QUEUE is set to the Hero project name (typically "hero").

If you want to connect Hero and Accelerator, for example because you want to direct computation that is peripheral to the emulators to your ordinary farm, you can use vovwxconnect:
% vovwxconnect -nc vnc
vovwxconnect 02/05/2017 16:40:05: message: Setting up connection to NC queue 'vnc': 
vovwxconnect 02/05/2017 16:40:05: message: Connecting to NC queue 'vnc'
vovelasticd              STARTING ...