Start a Remote UNIX Tasker Details

On UNIX, the script vovtaskerstartup is used to start a tasker on a remote machine.

This script ensures that the tasker runs in a valid environment by sourcing the following scripts:
  • $VOVDIR/local/scripts/vovtaskerstartup.aux, if available, to perform site specific initialization:
    # Example of $VOVDIR/local/scripts/vovtaskerstartup.aux
    echo "This is vovtaskerstartup.aux on `uname -n`"
    switch ( $VOVARCH ) 
     case "linux*": 
       unlimit openfiles 
  • $VOVDIR/etc/std.vov.aliases, to define all standard aliases (for example, ves)
  • setup.tcl in the server configuration directory to initialize the project environment.

If the -view option is used, the script also starts the tasker in the given ClearCase view.

The -descriptors option triggers a check to ensure the host has at least as many descriptors as vovserver, which ensures it can operate at full capacity in the event of failover. It also checks that the server_election directory is empty.
Note: For this function to work, the -failover option must be used with vtk_tasker_define.