Network Conditioning

Each computer has its own clock. Clocks on different computers in the same network might not be synchronized. The system administrator should keep all clocks in the network synchronized.

Synchronizing Networks

The recommended method to keep the clocks synchronized is with the Network Time Protocol (NTP), available on many modern OS's, which can keep the clocks synchronized to within a few milliseconds.

Alternatively, refer to the following table to find the proper synchronization command depending on the operating system:
OS Tool Example
Linux rdate rdate -s <host>
Windows net time net time \\<host> /set /y
Tardis™ See

Whenever a vovtasker connects to the vovserver, the delta between the clocks of the two hosts is computed. Thereafter, the procedure is repeated about every 10 minutes, in order to catch clock drifts that are common in almost all computers.