Browser Interface

The URL to the FlowTracer web server is the entry point into the FlowTracer web application for managing the product. The URL is composed of a domain name and a port number and the path to the web application.

URL to Browser Interface

The vovserver running in the FlowTracer project also provides a web server as part of its feature set. Interacting with this web server is a powerful set of web application components that interact with a browser. They provide the full set of tools to manage FlowTracer.

The URL is:

You can discover the URL to access the browser interface for your project by asking FlowTracer to tell it to you using any of these CLI commands: vovbrowser, vsi, or vovproject info.

Use vovbrowser to Discover the URL

You can use the command vovbrowser to get the URL to enter into your browser to reach the server. Without any option, vovbrowser prints the URL value for the current project: For example:
% vovbrowser           # Use current project parameters.
Note: If your FlowTracer's setup.tcl file is configured withVOV_HOST_HTTP_NAME, it will be shown by vovbrowser, instead of the value of VOV_HOST_NAME.

Use vsi to Discover the URL

You can also use the "get-information" command vsi to get the URL to enter into your browser. The URL is one of the many project attributes that is reported.
Tip: This command should be the first thing to check when investigating vovserver performance issues.
Bottom right section shows URL to access the server:
% vsi
someproj@bison                     |  09/04/2015  10:15:40
     Files:   39027                |     Sets:    367
      Jobs:   19776                | Retraces:     78
     valid:   13533                | 
   invalid:    6220                | 
   running:       3                | 
 retracing:       4                | 
  sleeping:      10                | 
    failed:       6                | 
   Taskers:  14                     | QueuedJobs: 3464
    Slots:  16                     |    Buckets: 57
    ready:  10                     |   Duration: 9h28m
     full:   3                     | 
     busy:   1                     | 
Resources:  112                    |   URL: http://bison:6244
Exhausted:    1                    | Saved: 1h44m   
  Priority:normal                  |  Size: 33.00MB
                                   | TimeTol: 3s
Recent jobs for user john
  04485265 VALID    vw2 CC -mt -o OBJ/sun7-gmt/trace.o -c -g -...
  04485268 RUNNING  vw CC +eh -o OBJ/hpux-O/securitysrv.o -c -...
  04485270 VALID    vw2 CC -mt -o OBJ/sun7-gmt/tracecommclient...
  04485273 RUNNING  vrt g++ -mcpu=common -Wall -o OBJ/linux-g/t...
  04485276 RUNNING  vw cl -nologo -FoOBJ/win64-O/fairshare.obj...
  04485277 VALID    vw2 CC -mt -o OBJ/sun7-gmt/tracecomm2.o -c...
The program vsi is equivalent to this command:
% vovproject info