Project Creation Overview

An overview of setting up a new project:
  • Set up the server working directory with the necessary files. The default values for the files depend on the selected type. The list of available types is available in the directory $VOVDIR/local/ProjectTypes.
  • Start the server and the taskers for the project.
To create a new project, use vovproject create. To explicitly specify the working directory, use the option -dir. To explicitly specify the project type, use the option -type. Example:
% vovproject create [-dir serverdir] [-type type] [-port number] project
Connecting to the running server requires an enabled shell in which the environment variables VOV_HOST_NAME and VOV_PROJECT_NAME are properly set. To enable a shell, which is modifying an existing shell:
% vovproject enable project
If the project has already been created, the server can be started and stopped as follows:
% vovproject start project
% vovproject stop project