Command Line Interface

The Altair Accelerator products have a rich set of programs that can be run on the shell command line.

Each program performs a specific task and is controlled by a set of command line parameters. The programs provide a usage command when run with a -h parameter as a quick way to understand what each does and what parameters it takes.

This section describes the programs that a user will find useful. There are other programs described in the Developer and Admin manuals that are useful for their situations.

Common Commands

vovproject Create, start, enable, stop a project.
vovconsole Start the Graphical User Interface (GUI).
vovcheck Run many checks on the setup of VOV.
vls List the status of the files with respect to the dependency graph.
vsc Show the consequences of changing one node.
vsh Report the history of a file or a job.
vsi Report the basic Information about the graph.
vsm Monitor taskers, jobs, resources.
vsr Issue a retrace request.
vst Show tools executed in the current directory.
vsx Show inputs and outputs of nodes.
vsy Show why a node is not VALID.
vsz Zap away bad nodes.

Main User Commands

vovblast Simultaneously remove and forget files
vovbrowser Report the URL to start the browser interface, including the right port number for a project.
vovbuild Build complex flows.
vovcleandir Eliminate old log files that are no longer part of the flow.
vovfind Find file nodes in the graph.
vovfire Execute a job "here and now".
vovforget Forget objects in the in-memory database: nodes, sets, users, etc.
vovkill Kill a process and all of its children.
vovjobqueue Show all jobs in the queue.
vovrename Rename nodes in the graph.
vovset Create, edit, forget sets.
vovsh The main client, with extended Tcl interpreter.
vovshow Show things: users, buckets, nodes, sets, etc.
vovstop Stop things: jobs, projects, retraces, ...
vovtouch Toggle status of nodes.
vovversion Show the version of the current installation.

Other Commands

vovshowconnection Show connection path between two nodes in the graph.
vovcheckfiles Force a check of all timestamps.
vovflowcompiler Compile a flow to be included into the Flow Library.
vovprop Add, modify and delete properties on files and jobs.
vovrestoretrace Restore a corrupted graph either from a backup or from a saved copy.
vovwait4server Wait for the server to be operative.
vovxrsh Open a new xterm with the DISPLAY variable properly set (UNIX only).
vovsearchlog Search log files with a regular expression

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