vovfileready: Usage Message
      % vovfileready <NAME_OF_FILE_THAT_IS_READY> ...
  OLD USAGE: the following options are now ignored:
      % vovfileready -start 
      % vovfileready -clean        
  This script can only be executed as part of a running job.
  From within the running job, when you know that one or more
  output files are ready to be used, you can call
      vovfileready NAME_OF_FILE_THAT_IS_READY ...
  and this utility will mark all the files specified
  on the command line as VALID.
     --   #!/bin/csh -f
     --   # This could be a script called ./my_tool
     --   DoSomeInitialization
     --   DoSomeWorkFor5Minutes
     --   vovfileready my_first_output  ; ### The flow can start processing
     --                                   ### my_first_output even
     --                                   ### if ./my_tool is not quite done.
     --   DoSomeOtherWorkFor1Hour
     --   vovfileready another_output and_another_one
     --   MoreWorkToFinish
     --   exit 0
  Then invoke the script with a wrapper, e.g.
     % vov ./my_tool arg1 arg2 ...