Use Environments: -e <env>

  1. Get a list of all available environments:
    % vel
    vel: message: Environment directories:
    1 /<install_path>/local/environments
    1 . tcl BASE            UNIX utilities, X windows, and Flowtracer.
    1 . tcl D               Define vars: Usage: ves "+D(VAR1=value1,...)"
    1 . tcl DEFAULT         Just a name for whatever you already have.
    1 . csh SPICE           The Analog simulator SPICE3.                        
    1 . csh JAVA            JAVA Development Environment (1.2.2)                
  2. Use proper environment(s) to submit jobs, for example:
    % nc run -e BASE sleep 10
    % nc run -e BASE+SPICE spice chip.spi