Resource Throttling

In some cases, you may wish to restrict the number of a feature which are consumed by Accelerator jobs, to leave some for 'fast' or interactive use.

To accomplish this, you can use an auxiliary resource called throttle_<resource> to restrict the number of Accelerator jobs. For example, you have 15 licenses of hsim, and want to leave 1 free for jobs that bypass the Accelerator system. You would create a resource 'throttle_hsim' with a count of 14, by adding statements like this. Map hsim_license to throttle_hsim, so that when the throttle resource is exhausted, jobs that need hsim will queue. Often such resources are named Limit:<something>.
vtk_flexlm_monitor hsim hsim_license throttle_hsim 
vtk_resourcemap_set throttle_hsim 14