Navigate the Graph

Navigating the graph means moving from a node to another following the input/output dependencies. You can navigate the graph using the Navigation dialog:

Figure 1.
Invoke the graph by right-clicking on a node and selecting Connectivity > Navigate or by clicking .

The dialog is divided into 3 parts:

  1. the top shows the inputs
  2. the center shows the current node
  3. the bottom shows the outputs

You can select any of the rows in the Navigation dialog. When one or more rows are selected, the buttons at the top get enabled. Using these buttons, you can either edit a selected node, create a set containing all the selected node, or clear the selections.

Further, right clicking on any node will popup a context menu which can be used for various operations on that node.

Multiple rows can be selected by holding the mouse left button down and dragging the mouse across the rows you want to select.
Note: The rows in any of the sections in the Navigation dialog can be sorted by any column by clicking on the column header.