Reconcile Unused Resources

Some tools have a complex behavior for acquiring and releasing licenses. For example, some tools may acquire a license for a short term and then release that license. Other tools may or may not acquire a specific license.

In some cases, if it is uncertain if licenses are needed, the best method is to request the licenses, and then reconcile (release) the licenses that are not used.

This method can be accomplished with jobclasses and the procedure vtk_jobclass_set_revocation_delay $JOBCLASS_NAME $DELAY_SPEC, which is typically called from within the initJobClass procedure in the jobclass definition.

Global Setting for Reconciliation

If jobclasses are not being used, or setting a global default value for automatic reconciliation is desired, set the variable RESD(revokeDelay) in the vovreconciled/config.tcl file.

For example:
set RESD(revokeDelay) 4m

Find and Remove "Stuck Jobs" using a Jobclass

To find stuck jobs, the jobs that are running but are burning no CPU longer than the timing threshold set by -maxNoCpuTime. A notification email is sent when job stuck time exceeds the threshold.

If the jobclass has a property IDLE_KILL_DELAY set, the job will be killed when the stuck time exceeds this property setting. An email will be sent to the owner at the time of killing the job.

To define the behavior of Accelerator with stuck jobs, use the procedure vtk_jobclass_set_idle_delays. This procedure is called inside the initJobClass procedure. This procedure requires three arguments as shown below:
vtk_jobclass_set_idle_delays $JOBCLASS_NAME $WARN_TIMESPEC $KILL_TIMESPEC