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Accelerator is a high-performance enterprise grade job scheduler designed for distributed High Performance Computing (HPC) environments. Accelerator provides a cost-effective highly adaptable solution capable of managing compute infrastructures from small dedicated server farms to complex distributed HPC environments.

A full-featured scheduler, Accelerator is equipped with a comprehensive set of policy management features including FairShare, Preemption and Reservations, which can be customized per organizational requirements to maximize resource utilization and throughput.

The services provided by Accelerator include job prioritization, automatic job queuing, license management, resource management and reporting the status of jobs as well as the usage and availability of resources.

The fields of application include hardware and software engineering, running calculations on a farm, electronic design automation (EDA) and other industries.

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Altair Accelerator User Guide

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Altair Accelerator Tutorials

Altair Accelerator Release Notes