Change the Config File for the First Time

In order to use SDS for the first time, the user must perform the following operations:

  1. Set the kafka_servers parameter in the sds.cfg file to the bootstrap server(s) for their kafka installation; for example, kafka_servers = "kafkahost:9092" or kafka_servers = "kafkahost1:9092,kafkahost2:9092"
  2. If publishing using the Confluent Schema Registry, then the following steps are also needed:
    1. Upload the schema files to the schema registry and note the IDs assigned to each schema.
    2. Assign the schema registry IDs discovered in step 1 to the events in the sds.cfg file (see Event specific configuration below)

For the initial release the Kafka published events are:

Event Name Description Schema File Default Topic
project (relatively) Static project information that may be useful to join with time series data vov-projects  
taskers Metrics related to the state and capacity of the taskers metrics.taskers.avsc vov-metrics-taskers
jobs Metrics related to the number of jobs in specific states and rate of dispatch/completion vov-metrics-jobs
scheduler Metrics related to scheduler performance, sizes, clients, innerloop timers metrics.scheduler.avsc vov-metrics-scheduler