Web-Based Interface for Preemption

The Accelerator web interface provides a form-based method of entering preemption rules and methods, and viewing statistics regarding the activation of previously entered preemption rules.

To access the online preemption information, from the Project Home page of the Accelerator web interface, under Workload, click Preemption. By default, the Preemption page opens on the Pools tab.
Pools tab
The Pools tab lists summary of all pools of preemption rules. Click the desired pool names to view the listing of all the preemption rules in that pool.

Figure 1.
Preemption Rules tab
The Preemption Rules tab lists the preemption rules that are currently set.

Figure 2.
Methods for Resources
The Methods for Resources tab summarizes the preemption rules that are used for each resource.

Figure 3.
Plans for Methods
The Plans for Methods tab lists the rules of the method plans.

Figure 4.
The Configuration tab allows exporting preemption rules and creating new preemption rules.

Figure 5.

Create a New Preemption Rule Using the Web UI

  1. To enter a new rule, click Add new preemption rule at the bottom of the Preemption window.
    The Preemption Rule form opens.

    Figure 6.
  2. Select the type of preemption rule to implement.
    The window shows the appropriate options for the type.
  3. Fill out the form and click Create Preemption Rule to save the new rule.
For examples on the types of preemption rules available, see Preemption Rule Types.