Execute Jobs Periodically

Add Periodic Jobs

Periodic jobs can be added using the FDL procedure PJ. For a periodic job, declare the target period, the minimum period and the maximum period. The period is automatically adjusted based on the actual duration it takes to execute the periodic job.
# Example of a periodic job to be executed every 2 hours.
# New syntax for PJ
PJ -period 2h vovcleandir -all -force

# Old syntax for PJ
PJ 2h 2h 3h vovcleandir -all -force 

Disable/Enable Periodic Jobs

A periodic job can be paused by setting a property "PERIOD_PAUSE" as 1. This can be done through web interface, vovconsole Node Editor, vtk_prop_set Tcl function, or using vovprop" at the command line. If a paused job is currently running, it will continue to run and will not be run at next period. It will stay as paused until PERIOD_PAUSE property gets set to 0 again.