Jobname Attribute

The jobname is an attribute of a job.

The default value is the null string "".
  • The jobname does not need to be unique for each job.
  • The jobname, if defined, is used in the GUI as the primary label for the jobs; otherwise, the tool name is used.
  • The field associated with the jobname is @JOBNAME@.
To set the jobname in the Flow Design Language (FDL), use the procedure N. For example:
N "Clock Routing"; # A short name for the job.
J vw /some/long/path/to/an/executable/script/ arg1 arg2

Jobname in Accelerator

In Accelerator, the jobname can be set with the option -N. For example:
% nc run -N this_is_my_job  sleep 100

For all products, strict job name checking has been enabled and invalid job name characters will cause an error. For Accelerator and Accelerator Plus, this can be overridden by putting the following in $VOVDIR/local/vncrun.config.tcl:

set ::jobname_lexicon legacy or set ::jobname_lexicon replace.

Legacy will use the more lax job naming rules from earlier releases.

Replace will identify invalid characters in the job name, replace them with "_", and issue a warning to the console.