Exporting HPC Complex Data

You can download the HPC complex data that is used to build the Analyze charts to a comma-separated values (CSV) file for high-level data analytics. Based on a specified data range, all data or a subset of data can be downloaded - the default date range is established based on the PBS Professional accounting logs that are forwarded by the Analyze Data Collector.

For example, if the accounting logs include jobs that ran between January 1st, 2020 and March 30th, 2020, then the upper and lower values of the date range are set based on that time period.

Exporting hpc complex data

1.   On the menu bar, select the Analyze tabbed page and then click the icon.   


    The Raw data download window is displayed.

2.   On the Raw data download window, click the icon and then specify a start date and end date.


3.   Click Download raw data.

A zip file containing the CSV file is downloaded. Optionally, click Cancel to discard the changes that you have made.
The page is downloaded in the specified format.