Creating and Organizing Dashboards

Envision allows you to create and organize dashboards, sort, filter, group, work with dates and times, and configure appearance properties, and generate more insight into your data.

Creating and Organizing dashboards

Typically, a Business Intelligence dashboard is a type of data visualization that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for an enterprise. Envision dashboards allow you to consolidate and arrange data, metrics, and sometimes performance scorecards on a single workspace area from one or more data sources.

1.   Create a chart and then click the or icon on the chart area to split the chart area horizontally or vertically to add further visualizations. For more information on how to create and edit multiple charts in a dashboard, see Editing Charts and Chart Types.

2.   On the chart area, click the icon to select other chart types that you want to add to the dashboard either for finding trends, correlations, or filtering and drill down operations. Optionally, click the X icon to delete the selected chart from the dashboard.

Importing dashboards

Importing a dashboard is similar to importing a report template. For more information on importing dashboards, see Importing Report Templates.