Configuring Page Properties for Charts

Envision allows you to configure page properties at page level for selected report pages such as the layout in terms of width and height, and so on.

Configuring page properties

1.   On the Filters and Settings pane, select the Settings tabbed page.

2.   Click the icon to define the page properties. Optionally, click the or the icon to expand or collapse each of these page properties.

The following table explains how to define these properties.

For Specify
Layout Select a layout (auto, Ipad, or fixed) for the current page from the drop down.
Width Select fixed layout and then specify a width for the page in pixels.
Height Select fixed layout and then specify a height for the page in pixels.
Splitter pane Select to hide or show the splitter pane for splitting the chart area vertically or horizontally.
Apply for all pages Select the check box to apply this layout to all pages in the report.