Building Dashboards

The Envision dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives - consolidated and arranged on a single screen to enable the information to be monitored at a glance.

Envision dashboards offer the ability to select various date ranges, products, or drill down for more detailed data. The data used in a Envision dashboard is generally historical data. However, there are some cases where real-time data is analyzed.

Introducing dashboards

Charts make it easier to spot trends and insights from our data. As a result they are a crucial component of all dashboards. Envision allows you to customize and create interactive dashboards and organize them vertically or horizontally with the following key characteristics:

·       All the visualizations fit on a single screen.

·       It helps to identify the most important performance indicators/performance measures to be monitored.

·       Interactivity such as filtering and drill-down can be used in a dashboard. However, those types of actions should not be required to see which performance indicators are under performing.

·       It is primarily used to find correlations, trends, outliers (anomalies), patterns, and business conditions in data.

·       The displayed data is automatically updated, with the frequency of the update varying by organization and by purpose. The most effective dashboards have data updated at least on a daily basis.

Organizing Dashboards

Moving Charts

Cutting/Copying Charts

Creating Dashboards from Multiple Data Sources