Configure an Agent

Monitor can be configured to monitor hardware and process information if agents are configured on the machines you wish to monitor. These agents will send the following machine information to Monitor:
  • CPU utilization
  • Filesystem utilization
  • Process listing
  • Network traffic levels (Linux only)
  • Machine load (UNIX only)

Agents can be configured and controlled remotely from the Monitor server if certain conditions are met. Otherwise, agents can be configured locally on each machine monitored. In most cases, you will configure an agent to run remotely.

Agent Configuration Requirements

To remotely create and control of agents, the following must be true:
  • An Altair Accelerator installation must be available on the machine monitored (either network-based or local).
  • An RSH, SSH, or vovtsd connection must be allowed between the Monitor server and the host to be monitored without a password prompt appearing. The vovtsd daemon is provided by Altair Accelerator and provides secure connection capabilities on any configurable port for starting and stopping agents remotely. This daemon is especially useful for Windows, which do not provide built-in remote connectivity capabilities.

For networks where home directories are stored remotely and available to all machines via NFS, Monitor provides a utility called vovsshsetup to setup SSH keys. The keys allow SSH to connect to a remote machine without prompting for a password. After running the utility, one manual connection will need to be performed for each of the hosts so that its host key is added to the known_hosts file. Each host also must be able to mount the filesystem containing the Monitor software installation.