Create a FlowTracer Project

The purpose of this tutorial is to guide one through the creation and use of a small FlowTracer project using a combination of the Command Line Interface (CLI) and the Graphical User Interface (GUI).


  • Read the overview section to become familiar with some of the FlowTracer terminology: files, jobs, nodes, sets, etc.
  • Install FlowTracer (if it hasn't already been done).
  • Install the RLM license (if it hasn't already been done).

When you're ready, start the tutorial in the next section.


At the end of the tutorial, you will know how to fire up a FlowTracer project and to register a set of jobs into FlowTracer to create a dependency graph that you can view in the console.

The intention is to become comfortable with creating projects, adding nodes to the dependency graph by registering programs and files into FlowTracer, viewing the dependency graph in the console, and running the project. And finally, stopping the project and clearing out the dependency graph and the project.

Tasks in This Tutorial