Annotations are text strings which may be attached to VOV objects. These are typically used to provide additional information about objects in the project's graph. The text must be less than 32k characters.

You may attach annotations to any VOV element in the dependency graph. Use annotations to explain either why you did something or the meaning of a file.

Add Annotations

You may add annotations to VOV objects from the VOV console GUI, or programmatically when the flow is built. At this point, there is no support to add annotations using the browser interface.
VOV Console
Use the Property dialog to add annotations. Double-click on a node in the grid view, then click on the Annotations & Properties tab of the Node Editor after it is displayed.
An annotation is itself a VOV object with its own VovId.
Annotations in the Flow Definition File
You may attach annotations to objects in your flow at the time it is built by using the A statement in the Flow Definition File. Refer to FDL Procedures Reference for additional information.
Example of attaching an annotation to a job:
J vw cp aa bb
A "this is a simple job"

Annotation Support in the Tcl API

You may programmatically attach, modify, and delete annotations at any time using procedures in the vtk_ application programming interface.

Annotation procedures Description
vtk_annotation_count Gets an integer count of the number of annotations on a VOV object
vtk_annotation_get vovid index Gets data of an annotation in list form
vtk_annotation_del Deletes an annotation
vtk_annotation_modify Modifies data of an annotation
vtk_annotation_add vovid string Adds 'string' as an annotation to 'vovid'