A utility related to vovgetnetinfo is vovinfo, which performs the same function as vovsh -s netinfo, but with a smaller binary. This binary can only get host and process information, and does not have Tcl/TK or the VTK API.

vovinfo is to be used to provide monitoring and can run standalone in an infinite loop to provide periodic updates to a vovserver. The following example updates the vovserver vnc@jupiter:6271 with clock offset information every hour for 60 days. The environment variable settings do not require access to the server's .swd directory.
% setenv VOV_SWD_KEY none
% setenv VOVEQUIV_CACHE_FILE vovcache
% vovinfo -all h jupiter -p vnc -P 6271 -l 3600 -i 1440 &
usage: vovinfo [-ac] [-s what] [-p project] [-h host] [-P port] [-l looptime]
                    [-i iterations] [-Vv]
   -a:         Ignore PROCS_TO_TRACK property and track all processes if
               procinfo is enabled.
   -c:         Use cpu_* licensing instead of host_* licensing (deprecated)
   -s:         What info to get: netinfo hostinfo procinfo clockinfo all. May
               be repeated. The keywords 'netinfo' and 'hostinfo' are
   -p:         The project name (or the value of VOV_PROJECT_NAME
   -h:         The host name (or the value of VOV_HOST_NAME
   -P:         The port number (or the value of VOV_PORT_NUMBER)
   -l:         The looptime (a time-specification): defaults to 0
   -i:         Exit after this many iterations (use with -l)
   -V:         Print version and exit
   -v:         Verbose flag

The vovinfo program is licensed, and must be run by a user having enough privilege with respect to the vovserver to update the server's clock, process, and other information about the server.