Submit a PALLADIUM job via Hero.

hero_palladium_submit: Usage Message
     Submit a PALLADIUM job via HERO 
     % hero_palladium_submit [OPTIONS] command ...
      -h                           -- Print this message.
      -v                           -- Verbose level from 0 (silent) to 9 (very verbose)
      --                           -- Null option. In case of ambiguity, use
                                      this to separate the options from the command.
      -after <time>                -- Fire job after specified time.
      -at <date>                   -- Specify earliest date to fire job
                                      The date is parsed by the Tcl command
                                      [clock scan $date]
      -autokill <time>             -- Kill job if it runs longer than specified time.
                                      Set it to zero to disable autokill (the default).
      -C <class>                   -- The job belongs to the given class.
                                      If argument is empty, the option is ignored.
                                      Option can be repeated. The jobclass of
                                      the job will be the last one specified.
      -jobname NAME                -- default: pal
      -jobproj PROJECT             -- default: VOV_JOBPROJ, LM_PROJECT, RLM_PROJECT
      -fsgroup FSGROUP             -- default: /palladium/JOBPROJ
      -setname SETNAME             -- default: palladium
      -i       INPUT               -- declare an additional input
      -log     LOGFILENAME
      -nocheck                     -- Disable design checks (not recommended).
      -pri     PRIORITY            -- default: normal
      -type    JOBTYPE             -- Mandatory, one of {1b ICE1b ICE3b ICE8d SA1b SA1b-b12 SA3b SA8d SA8d-b12 1dZ1 hbZ1 1bZ1 2bZ1 4bZ1 24bZ1}
      -preemptable                 -- Label job as being preemptable.
      -e       ENV                 -- Use specified environment for jobs.
      -ep                          -- Use SNAPPROP (environment in a property)
      -snapshot                    -- Use SNAPSHOT environment
      -wl                          -- Show the run log
      -x <xdur>                    -- Set the expected duration of the job.
     % hero_palladium_submit -h
     % hero_palladium_submit -v -v -type SA1b -designpath .  <command>
     % hero_palladium_submit -e BASE+PALLADIUM -type SA3b -log my.log -designpath . <command>