lm_parse_remotelm: Usage Message
  Utility that will obtain and load data from a remote LicenseMonitor instance
  into a local instance.
      lm_parse_remotelm -host <host> -site <site> <TAGSPECS> [OPTIONS]
      -host                    Define the remote LM server host. This can
                               be either a DNS name or IP address.
      -site                    Define the site name that will be displayed
                               in the local LM instance.
  Tag Specs:
      -tagprefix <prefix>      By default, all remote tags are processed.
                               Use this argument to specify a name prefix
                               for local copy of remote tags.
      -remotetag <tag>         Specify a single remote tag from which to
                               gather data.
      -localtag <tag>          Used to specify the local tag name when
                               -remotetag is used. If specified,
                               -localtagprefix setting is ignored.
      -port <port>             Remote LM server port. Defaults to 5555.
      % lm_parse_remote -host uklmsrv -remotetag snps -localtag UK_snps
      % lm_parse_remote -host uklmsrv -tagprefix UK_