ftlm_parse_hasp: Usage Message
      ftlm_parse_hasp [OPTIONS] TAG HOST COMMAND
      -h                  -- Print help message.
      -v                  -- Increase output verbosity.
      -trackdisplay       -- Track display field. The display field is normally
                             used to indicate what display was used for a
                             checkout. There are cases where some vendors use
                             the display field store information that is not
                             related to the display and some cases where the
                             display contains spaces and other special
                             characters. Because of this, the display field in
                             the checkout line is ignored by default.
      On Windows, use / for the path delimiter and // before each space if there
      are spaces in the command path.
      % ftlm_parse_hasp HASP sentlmsrv1 vovhaspstat