Parses and loads checkouts found in a Code Meter debug log.

ftlm_parse_codemeterlog: Usage Message
      Parses and loads checkouts found in a Code Meter debug log.
      % ftlm_parse_codemeterlog <ARGUMENTS> [OPTIONS]
      -dir <dir>             -- Directory that contains debug logs to parse.
                                Only files named with the format of
                                CodeMeter*.log are parsed.
      -f <file>              -- Specific log file to parse. Ignored if -dir is
                                passed. On Windows, use / for the path delimiter
                                and // before each space if there are spaces in
                                the path.
      -h                     -- Show help message.
      -tag   <tag>           -- Tag to be used for data contained in file.
      -host  <host>          -- Name of license server host. Default: master.
      -start <timestamp>     -- Ignore all events before this timestamp.
      -tz    <timezone>      -- Set to timezone which was used to generate the
                                debug log. Ex: PST8PDT. If debug log was
                                generated in the same timezone as the LM
                                server, leave blank.
      -noload                -- Do not load parsed data into the database.
      -loadonly              -- Do not parse debug log for new data, only load
                                previously parsed data into the database.
      -force                 -- Reparse data that has been previously parsed.
      -q                     -- Set verbosity to 0.
      -v                     -- Increase verbosity (may be repeated).
      % ftlm_parse_codemeterlog -tag CodeMeter -dir /remote/licenses/logs
      % ftlm_parse_codemeterlog -tag CodeMeter 
                                -f CodeMeter2016-02-04-140221.log -tz EST5EDT
      % ftlm_parse_codemeterlog -tag CodeMeter 
                                -f CodeMeter2016-02-04-140221.log -tz UTC-8