Upgrade to a New Release

This upgrade installation scenario expands an existing release by installing a separate set of files that implement a new release of the product.

When you upgrade to a new release, you will need to perform a full install of the new software, and carry forward the files you have changed locally in the current release.

You will do a non-destructive installation of the new release by installing it into a different area than the current release. This allows you to let the current release continue to run until the new release has been validated to be ready for production.
  1. Follow the upgrade planning directions contained in the next section.
  2. Download the software to install from the PBSWorks website, with guidance from the download information contained in a later section.
  3. Perform the upgrade software installation, which should require between 15 and 30 minutes depending on disk performance.
  4. Validate the upgrade by setting your command line environment and running the validation steps.

The following sections will lead you through the steps listed above.