Resource Management

This exercise will walk you through some of the more advanced and complex issues of resource management in Accelerator. You should already be familiar with Accelerator and basic resource management, covered in the Configure Resources tutorial.

With Accelerator, Altair Accelerator includes a simplified version of our Monitor product, called Monitor-basic, which interfaces between NC and licensing systems like FlexNet Publisher. Unlike the full LM product, LM-basic does not do history or denials.


The following topics are review from the Configure Resources tutorial:
  • Find and view resources.tcl file
  • The vtk_resourcemap_set procedure
  • Static Resource (PRIORITY_LOW) configuration example
  • Configure resources map on the fly using vtk_resourcemap_set
Topics of this tutorial include:
  • Monitor-basic setup
  • vtk_flexlm_monitor procedure
  • Browser-based setup
  • Resource throttling
In this tutorial, we will start LM-basic, configure it, and use it to monitor licenses. There are two things necessary to monitor FlexNet Publisher features:
  1. Configure and start the LM-basic vovserver.
  2. Accept the default vtk_flexlm_monitor_all, or add specific vtk_flexlm_monitor statements to NC's resources.tcl