Jobclasses provide the following advantages:
  • Simplifying the command line for job submission, which can prevent errors and omissions.
  • Emulate the concept of queues, which is similar to the processes of other batch processing systems. This queue emulation enables additional behaviors such as:
    • Automatic revocation of resources that have been grabbed by jobs in the jobclass but are not used
    • Automatic warning and termination of jobs that are stuck: jobs that have been dispatched to a vovtasker but appear to be using no CPU time

A jobclass represents a collection of nc run options that are needed to run a type of jobs, such as VCS regression jobs.

Membership in a jobclass can be used to differentiate between jobs in preemption: preempt jobs in a regression jobclass to free up resources for jobs in an interactive jobclass.

If more than one -C option is given, the jobclasses are processed left-to-right as the command line is parsed. This method requires great care and planning.

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