Tasker Health Checks

By default, the vovtasker does not perform many health checks. If the jobs can be executed successfully, that is normally enough of a check.

In some large farms, it may be useful to activate additional checks, by invoking the tasker with the option -H [PpDdWwUu], where the lower case characters mean "disable" and the upper case characters mean "enable" of a particular check.

Built-in Checks in vovtasker

Check Name Char Description
DiskSpace d Check space in /tmp and /usr/tmp
WritePerm w Check write permissions in /tmp and /usr/tmp
Portmap p Check that the portmap daemon is responsive
UserScript u Check by executing an adminstrator-created, installation-wide script (see below)
From the command line, you can use the option -H in vovtasker, as in the following example, which activates only the DiskSpace test:
% vovtasker -H Dwpu -a my_test_tasker 
From the taskers.tcl file, you can use the option -health STRING in a similar way:
## Fragment of taskers.tcl
vtk_tasker_define myHost -name my_test_tasker -health DWPU   

User Specified Script

Several rules have to be followed to write a safe user-specified script for health check of the vovtasker:
  1. The script must be placed at $VOVDIR/local/tasker/health_user_script.csh
  2. The script must be owned by the owner of vovserver.
  3. The script must be writable only by the owner.
  4. The script signature computed by vovsignfile must be provided.